Monday, September 17, 2007

The tool stays on during brazing. I'll be attaching everything with 56% silver.

This is the tool that I made to help me miter and position the seatstays while I join them to the back of the seattube. It's very simple and does nothing more than clamp the stays at an angle and allow me to test fit them on the jig and then return them to the vice for some more filing.
It's a block of aluminum about .75" x 1.0" with 3 tapped holes in it. Above it is a clamp with corresponding holes and 1/4" cap screws. Sandwiched between are 2 mini V-blocks. They are attached from the back with 2 more 1/4" bolts so the angle can be adjusted independently of the clamp. Considering how many builders regard hand mitering S-bend fastback stays to be nearly impossible, this tool worked very well.


Omar Skyler said...

have you tried using a Titanium steel frame for your bike?

jhone bone said...

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