Van Projects

This is the Rev B version of my swing-out bike rack / BBQ mount.

Improved on the latch mechanism. I replaced the bolt with a De-Sta-Co draw latch. Expensive, but easy. 

The passenger side latches to the drivers side with a T-handle pin. The latching tab is ramped on both sides so you just need to swing the 2 halves together, and they click. There is a 3/16" safety pin just for

Basically, 3 different mechanisms would have to fail for this thing to open unintentionally.
The whole mess needs some paint, but really once it's dialed, it will get powdercoated.

Got my grill mount and my 10# propane tank mount done last night.
This whole aspect of the project was driven by a desire to improve my aluminum welding skills.

Grill box is 1/8" 5052 sheet with a 1/4" 6061 bottom. Aluminum weld-on hinges are a PITA, but came out nice. Stainless draw latch from McMaster keeps it closed. The grill just sits in there, with some thin closed cell egg crate foam to keep it from rattling.

I couldn't find an off-the-shelf tank mount. They have them for other sizes, but not for a steel 10#. I got busy with some 1/8" aluminum sheet and some fancy stainless hose clamps. It took me 2 tries since I really don't know what I'm doing with sheet metal and our equipment is 2nd class. Hose clamps are attached with stainless rivets.
I stuck it up high, so in the event of a collision, it will be out of harms way.

Ready for action! The lid slides off the hinges so you can get it out of the way. The tank needs a bit of a relocate, as it can hit the van. Ooops.
The entire mount is way heavy and built in a rush anyways so I plan on tweaking it to use lighter material.